UCSF Health True North Newsletters


True North Newsletter_March 2018

Issue Highlights: Readmission Rates; Opioid Epidemic; Provider Engagement Survey; Patient Safety Awareness Week; and National Doctors' Day

True North Newsletter_April 2018

Issue Highlights: Zero Harm; UCSF Health Value Improvement Initiatives; Caring Wisely Project Winners; GME Quality Improvement Incentive Program; and Adverse Disclosure Training

True North Newsletter_May 2018

Issue Highlights: Physicians and AHPs Net Promoter Survey Results; Learning Health System TN Pillar; and Grade "A" for Hospital Safety awarded to UCSF Medical Center by Leapfrog

True North Newsletter_June 2018

Issue Highlights: Observed to Expected (O/E) Indices for Performance Metrics; Zero Infections, HAPUs, and Falls with Injury at BCH-SF; and Recap from the 3rd Annual UCSF Health Improvement Symposium (including the list of "Highest Rated Improvement Initiatives)

True North Newsletter_July 2018

Issue Highlights: Mortality O/E; Workplace Injuries; Benioff Children's Hospitals Recognized by US News and World Report; Exceptional Physician and AHP Award Winners; and Leadership Development Opportunity

True North Newsletter_August 2018

Issue Highlights: Approaching the New Fiscal Year; Leveraging QI Work with UCSF Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Approval Program

True North Newsletter_September 2018

Issue Highlights: Final FY18 True North Performance Scorecard; UCSF Medical Center Recognized as #6 in the nation and #1 in California by US News and World Report; and Quality and Safety Educational Resource -- AHRQ PSNET & WebM&M.

True North Newsletter_October 2018

Issue Highlights: Inaugural FY19 True North Performance Scorecard; CURES Mandate in effect; and Recap from the 3rd Annual UCSF Health Improvement Retreat

True North Newsletter_November 2018

Issue Highlights: Antimicrobial Stewardiship and C. difficile improvements; Medications on focused to prevent harm; New Medical Directors; Influenza Season: Get Vaccinated & Encourage Your Patients; and Teach for UCSF Certificate in QI & Patient Safety

True North Newsletter_December 2018

Issue Highlights: Key takeaways from this month's TN Scorecard; Performance Improvement Executive Summary; Scribe Program; APeX 2018 Upgrade & Optimization Trivia; Leapfrog Grade "A" for Safety

True North Newsletter_January 2019

Issue Highlights: Advanced Care Planning Efforts; Addressing Disparities in Hypertension; New California Mandate on Naloxone Prescribing & Education; Nurse-Driven Protocol for Urinary Catheter Removal; and Rethinking Antibiotic Use

True North Newsletter_February 2019

Issue Highlights: What are we learning from our "real-time" mortality review pilot?; How are we engaging trainees in improvement work?; Influenza Season: Protect Yourself, Your Patients & Colleagues; UCSF Health & Price Transparency; and APeX Upgrade & SOGI Data

True North Newsletter_March 2019

Issue Highlights: How are we approaching the complex problem of ambulatory access?; International Women's Day; Announcing New Medical Directors; UCSF Lean Champions Recognized; National Doctors' Day; 4th Annual UCSF Health Improvement Poster Symposium

True North Newsletter_April 2019

Issue Highlights: What have we learned about our sustained improvements in readmissions?; How are we doing with our Value Improvement Initiatives this year? ; UCSF Lean Champions Recognized; GME Quality Improvement Incentive Program; 4th Annual UCSF Health Improvement Poster Symposium

True North Newsletter_May 2019

Issue Highlights: How are we addressing our inpatient capacity and LOS challenges?; Celebrate National Hospital & Nurses Week; Caring Wisely Award Winners Announced; 4th Annual UCSF Health Improvement Poster Symposium

True North Newsletter_June 2019

Issue Highlights: What are the key takeaways from this month's scorecard?; UCSF Health Improvement Poster Symposium Recap; Annual UCSF Medical Staff Meeting; Learning Health Systems K12 Announces Inaugural Cohort

True North Newsletter_July 2019

Issue Highlights: What are the key takeaways from this month's scorecard?; Ethics Program & Consultation Services; Health Equity Council: Lead l Inspire l Advocate l Influence l Communicate; Tired of Metrics? A Summer Read for You

True North Newsletter_August 2019

Issue Highlights: There is a lot of "pending" on this month's True North Scorecard. Why?; How are we planning for the year ahead?; US News Adult Hospital Rankings Released; Opioid Stewardship Initiative: What's our current state?; Substance Use Disorders: A Needs Assessment

True North Newsletter_September 2019

Issue Highlights: What did we learn from our FY19 approach to sepsis mortality and overall mortality?; Sepsis Awareness Month: Focusing on Early Recognition; Fight the Flu, Vaccinate Your Crew!; Leverage your QI work with MOC credit

True North Newsletter_October 2019

Issue Highlights: What's new visually on the FY20 scorecard?; What metrics are new (or changed) on the FY20 scorecard?; Recap from the 4th Annual UCSF Health Improvement Retreat; Annual Improvement Report for UCSF Health; Health Equity Report for UCSF Health; UCSF Health Learning Health System Coaches Announced

True North Newsletter_November 2019

Issue Highlights: What are the key takeaways from our recent month's performance?; What's new on our page 2?; UCSF Health Did you Know?; Adult Hospital Launches Tier 3 Huddle; Health Equity Data Access for UCSF Health; Publishing Your Improvement Work


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